West Australian fabrication business founded in 1975 and serving the WA building trade for over 40 years. Focused on its 4 key pillars: Experience, Reliability, Accessibility and Precision.

Wesfab reached out with an unusual request from our core expertise with a project that required website design and development along with 3D CAD drawings for its product range to allow its customers to visually see the products with full dimensions. Joy Labs had previously never attempted this and hence a massive challenge taken on with great success in the end delivering over 100 CAD drawings.


  • Website Design & Development
  • 3D CAD Drawings

Website Design & Development

Wesfab's core brand and feel was flowed through into the website which provided a simple platform for customers to understand the brand, products and services offered. The website was a platform where customers could view the various product CAD drawings which made them easily accessible.

3D CAD Drawings

Over 100 CAD drawings were developed individually with attention to detail and key specifications provided by Wesfab. 3D CAD drawings were crafter in SolidWorks and delivered as PDFs and individual CAD files.