An agency shaping ideas into amazing creations whilst shifting the trend.

We enjoy branding, UI and UX design, web development but most importantly we love to get our hands on creating simply beautiful pieces of art.

About Us

Joy Labs is a personal freelance online design agency managed and operated by Arpit Tilak. Arpit is a passionate designer, software dev and a creative thinker who enjoys to experiment with simplicity.

We have been crafting various digital goods for over 10 years across various mediums such as digital web & print. Our clients span across a number of countries and across various industries.

At Joy Labs we want to showcase your brand, tell your story and create life changing journeys for your users or customers to show them why YOU!

Our amazing clients

House of Ceramics
Stepfast Flooring
Ace of Hearts
SilverFern Tiling
Universal Piping